Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Kim's Pictures on Flickr

Just popped in to say - if you haven't got Kim saved as a contact at Flickr, pop over and have a look at her pictures. There is a good series about the Folded Heart needlecase just up. And I know I have pointed at her pictures before - they really are lovely, and worth a second look.

I wonder if I can run a third consecutive project with the two I have, in jewel colours?

Or maybe I just need to make a bag.

Or maybe I just need to actually finish a couple of things. *delicate shudder*

I'm back in blogland for a couple of days, but without anything to show off. But hopefully some nice news Saturday. No clues......


Blogger Calidore said...

That needlecase looks very similar to the heart one I made. I wonder if we got the pattern from the same place - cqmagonline. Kim's is such a pretty colour. Thanks for sharing the link.

8:08 pm  

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