Monday, 15 May 2006

Blogging in general

Sharlee over on Beyond "The Blank Page" has been musing about blogging, and how a number are taking a bit of a break at the minute, and how much it can take over our lives.

Which has got me thinking a little more in depth along similar lines (Sharlee's place in life is to make me think deeper - she does it well!).

Life is starting to return to normal around here, and I am getting a little more stitching time, although I am still busy in outside life and with non-stitching stuff on the computer.

When I blog, I usually do it of a morning, with the first coffee of the day, at the end of breakfast. Usually I have something in my mind I am going to write about, but if I have nothing to write, or are two busy (read as Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, often), I don't blog. So I do it at a really routine time. And I have got to the stage where it is fine if I haven't done a daily post, and I don't stress about people logging in and finding nothing there. I just periodically suggest they use bloglines, and they will be told when I, or their other favourite bloggers, have something to say.

However I also think that one of the talents that I have, is to write at length about very minor things - like the stitch combinations, and how I am joining blocks - my current interests. And this is good for me, as it makes me think a little more in depth about the stitches, and keeps me practicing my writing.

For example, today I was planning to ramble on about some of the seam treatments where I am working. Where I was getting bored with using the contrasting colours for the Blanket Stitch around the blocks.

The bigger version is HERE.

On the top left corner, I wanted to keep the eye on the section from the original supper cloth, so decided to try a thread that blended in, rather than contrasted. Where I have skipped the leaves, I have sewn the hem down firmly on the other side. When I come to join the blocks I will stitch through that patch there, rather than just catching the blanket stitch.

Then, on the next seam to the right of that, I am experimenting with a variation of what I have been doing on the Blanket stitch on the end - which was previously short-medium-long-medium-short-medium-long etc etc. The idea was then something decorative goes on the long. But sometimes they weren't far enough apart to really play. So I am schooling myself to go short-short-medium-long-short-short-medium-long-medium-short-short-medium etc.

Will see how it works up later.

So they are very minor things - but would have given me a post for today. Sometimes I wonder if people stop blogging because they cannot think of anything to say, or think whatever they do have to say has to be big and important.

That is not to say that, if I am having a lazy day at home with the broadband available, if I come across something great, I don't just hop on there and throw up a quick post.

But I am finding more and more that I blog on about the very small picture much more than I go looking for a big picture issue to discuss.

And that is fine with me.

There are a couple of other seam treatments on there that are new for me - but life calls. Be back Thursday.


Blogger Jo in NZ said...

I noticed the new seam treatments. They are very nice. I keep my notebook next to the computer, pencil ready waiting for your next post about seam treatments.

10:28 am  
Blogger abeautifulcraft said...

I love your blocks, the colours - am taking notes too!

6:43 pm  
Blogger Helen said...

I just love reading your blog Linda. It would have to be one of my favourites. I've learnt so much.Thank You.
I would like to have a blog of my own, but it's just so frustrating and slow being on dialup and with no prospects of Broadband connection in our area in the very near future. If I did have a blog, maybe I would be able to just update once a week. It would take so much commitment on my part as I'm a VERY disorganised person LOL
Hey! Maybe I should just jump in at the deep end. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained as the old saying goes.

9:00 pm  
Blogger sharonb said...

I too blog each morning as that is when I am fresh and have the time -
its the routine now that starts my day as I am like that break the routine in anything I do and it does not get done!

7:04 am  
Blogger Marty52 said...

I read your blog every morning and many times check back later to see if anything new has popped up. I like the details you talk about and the fact that you tell us the thought processes you go thru.

11:54 pm  

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