Sunday, 14 May 2006

Joining the blocks II


After considering Freda's question yesterday, I have been experimenting with joining the Mirror blocks. Told you I wouldn't be able to wait.

For the two blocks above I have just Blanket Stitched around the edges and slip stitched them together. And I don't mind it. (Memo to self - must check out Glove Stitch)

Yes, the blocks are uneven - you just have to look how the bottom lines line up along the picture. But I think this technique will allow the joins without buckling. And, as I have said before - I am not one who is into straight and perfect lines - Quilt Police not welcome here.

The block on the left is far from finished, so I have to concentrate now on finishing it, before I join any more, and finishing two more. Then I will see what a square looks like, and may be able to resist joining as I go. Maybe.

There is a slightly bigger pic of these two blocks HERE - you will see I have started adding embellishment to the Blanket Stitch - this whole idea depends on that, otherwise the comb-like look of the seams will get to me.

And that is one of the other advantages of this system - I will know exactly where the edges are for the purposes of embellishing before I join. Sometimes that is a bit difficult, especially when using beads and then joining blocks by machine. Not that I am doing that here - using beads or the machine.

Speaking of links - all these pictures go into my Flickr site for the Mirror Quilt (which "Mirrors" the Wogga Quilt)

Next question??? Wool batting in the middle I think, and then hand quilted in the seam between the blocks, through to a plain backing. And maybe old white buttons at the corner of each block.

But that is a long way off.


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