Saturday, 13 May 2006

Joining the blocks

I've had an e-mail query from Freda (Yes, you do need to register with blogger to be able to comment - you don't have to have a blog though. It is just a way to stop spamming)

Freda asked:
Also your comment on the mirror blocks of stitching around the edges before joining them. I have never even thought of doing this before sewing the blocks together rather then going back and embroidering over the seams. Is it difficult to join evenly once you have all the edges done? Would be easier working on one piece than a large piece of various blocks. Did I misunderstand you or is this what you meant?
Yes - this is what I mean - similar to what I am doing with the Wogga Blocks:


In both I am going to use different colours around them, although I might use a denser crochet (ie no double stitches) on the Mirror Blocks. I am still doing the blanket stitch around the first block there, so I am not sure yet how it will look. In my last post (scroll down), I merely put them together - they are not joined. I think I will still go that way. So each block is framed by the crochet, rather than how they look in the picture.

I have now also moved more towards doing the blanket stitch first, then embroidering the block. It does mean it is more difficult to use a hoop, which I like to do, but the blocks have enough body to go well in the hand. And I find the blocks an ideal size on which to work - I shouldn't join them until I have them all done, but probably will, as I enjoy seeing them grow.

And yes - the blocks are uneven, where the blanket stitch pulls the lighter fabrics in more than the heavier ones etc, but the crochet has enough give to cope with this, so I don't mind it. It kinda looks more folksy to me.


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