Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Mirror Block finished

Just a real quick post - still limited internet access.


This block is almost finished - there is still the edges to go, which I may not do immediately.

I have decided I will also use Ginny Thompson Flower Thread on these blocks:


And I have also decided that while Presencia perle #12 is nice, DMC perle #12 is much nicer. But I can only find yuckkie colours in the few places it is stocked around here.

Now I am off to work the "Mirror Block" on my Wogga quilt - which will allow a bit more latitude. On this one I was a little constrained by the prints/supper cloth embroidery. So I will be working seams like this one again:


Decisions so far - I am going to stick with pinks, green and ecrus in the threads. And most seams will only be in one colour, to blend them more into the block. And it is still threads only - I didn't think to leave anywhere for tatting on this block.


Blogger Linda_S. said...

Linda, I love the freshness of this block. Makes me want to breathe deep the spring breezes and sunshine..

12:50 am  

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