Thursday, 4 May 2006

Stitch Combinations 2

Not a lot of work done here, but some fun had with stitch combinations. I owe this one to Maia - you can see her block HERE, with the same seam treatment bottom right.

So mine is nothing like that - and in the spirit that I learn as much by failure as I do by success, here are my failures so far:


This one the background is just far too busy. All threads are perle #12, and the curves come from the stencils that Calidore found.


In the one above, the curves are perle #12 and the leaves and flowers are Dentelles (finer tatting thread).

In this case the background is okay, but there is not enough contrast with the green and background. The curves are the same as in the first example.

First thing is I think I need larger curves - so I will photocopy these and blow the size up. Maia has many more Fly stitches in her leaves, so the only way I can go there is to make bigger curves.

But I do have to say I like the idea of repeating treatments over and over again - I learn something each time.

These stitches are also in my Wogga and Mirror Quilt sets, and in Stitch Combinations.

And, in reply to some questions:

Woggas or Bush Rugs are things in which one wraps oneself. They are not something that is put on the floor, as in the case of rugs to some people. I call the things on the floor mats, although I recognise they are rugs to some people. Just not my sort of rug. In the case of this one it will have a blanket in the centre (they were made over worn-out blankets), and probably will be backed with a flannel sheet.

Hope that clears that up - and that blankets and flannel sheets are universal terms.


Blogger Bhavani said...

Beautiful work Linda! Well worth the wait for me. I remember reading (Mary Thomas's Stitch dictionary I think) that the outline stitch is better for working curves as opposed to the stem stitch.
wishing you and your family good healh and cheer.

2:13 am  
Blogger Bhavani said...

And you'll find the TeteBoeuf stitch under library in

2:17 am  

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