Sunday, 7 May 2006

Stitch Combinations 3

Not a lot happening here - so here is the latest version of this stitch combination - worked on Wogga block 3.


For this one, you first work the base in green Fly Stitch, leaving two arms on one side, moving across and leaving two arms on that side etc.

Then work back along the Feather Stitch working one leaf in line with the arm of the Feather Stitch, and the other one pointing outwards.

Starting from the bottom, work a Detached Chain (aka Lazy Daisy) in between the leave, close with a Pistil Stitch that has three wraps on the French Knot part. Then work French Knots with two wraps and then one wrap, finish with a Straight Stitch. Work a Fly Stitch where the needle comes up just inside the top of the Detached Chain and goes down at its base.

Move on to do three French Knots (two wraps) on the top arm on that side.

Move across and repeat on the other side.

This seam was worked with perle #8 thread, and I varied the direction the flower spike went each time.

This combination brings together a few combinations from elsewhere - I quite like it.

Now I am off to try and work a couple of combinations from this quilt Marty found.


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