Friday, 28 April 2006

Another Star/snowflake

I have been mucking around a bit with another star - this one is on Wogga block #3. You can see the previous star HERE.


To make this one, draw the six-sided figure on the back of the block (another way to make the shapes to draw inside various sized spanners to make templates).

Run long stitches from each point, with a small join in the middle. Then you have this:


Now, remember I am still experimenting. Then I put Fly stitches around the spokes, eyeballing where they should finish. An out circle drawn on the back may have made me more consistent.

We're up to here:


Then I put a Fly Stitch inside each section:


In this case I tried taking the leg of the Fly just across the centre. It means thee are no gaps, but it gets a bit bulky.

Then I added two opposing Fly stitches in each section.


If this wasn't such a minimalist work I would probably add some rather nice beads at this point.

I'm due to disappear for a few days - back on Wednesday.


Blogger Ruth Singer said...

I love these stars/ snowflakes and the
other graphic stitches!

4:49 am  

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