Sunday, 23 April 2006

Wogga Stitches 5

Here are a couple more stitch combinations.


The one above is from the Davis quilt. Some combinations need to be all one coloured thread (this one is perle #12), and others get their charm from combining a lot of different coloured threads. And it also shows the difference a small change in the angle of the base Chevron Stitch and the Fly Stitch makes.


There are three new stitches on this one. On the left is an added treatment to long and short Blanket Stitch that I dreamed up. It has pulled the edge out of shape, but I can live with that, and the crochet edge will hide a multitude of sins.

Along the bottom of the picture is some stacked or double Herringbone, which I first found on the Davis quilt. I do like it. The added extras are mine.

And this is the first appearance of what I will call the Davis Star. I still need to work a couple more to iron out the unevenness. Then I will explain them and build on them.

All in the second lot are perle #12 except the green in the stacked Herringbone seam, and the original long and Short Blanket titch.

Off to make Chutney. No more stitches today.


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