Saturday, 22 April 2006

Wogga block technique

Lillian was asking about the edging of the Wogga blocks - so since I think I have almost worked out the technique, this is it:

First, cut foundation 8.5 to 9 inches.

Piece block, allowing top fabrics to overlap a little.

Turn over, draw 8 inch square on reverse.

Trim the foundation to that 8 inch line. Unpick seams where necessary.

Turn the top fabric over the foundation fabric so you have an 8 inch square.

Baste/tack down, then blanket stitch.

Trim back any top fabric in excess.

It should then look like this:

Wogga back

Embellish as desired. If the embellishing pulles the block out of shape/size, that's life. I'll live with it.

The other thing is that these blocks are worked totally without a hoop - the block is thick enough to be easy in the hand, and my edging system means that I don't have extra foundation for a hoop. It is going along okay - despite being thick it is really easy to needle.

Crochet around, going under the blanket stitch, with a single crochet stitch. (Don't ask me its real name - I don't know. This is about the limit of my crochet expertise.)

Crochet around again, using a double stitch.

Put aside and work on more blocks.

I will then sew them together, and probably then sew them down to a blanket or through batting and backing, quilting around each square, on the crochet, and putting a button at each junction.

That's the plan at the minute.

But this might take years, so I may change my mind.


Blogger katiejayinpa said...

I adore these muted colors...and believe it or not, I once collected almost exactly these same sorts of fabrics , colors, weight, and the lines..i adore suiting and you have me wondering if I still have them in some box or another.

And seam treatments....this is also my favorite thing to do.,,,not only to make them myself, but to see them on other blocks.The ones you choose are so lovely. It's amazing that you think thatthere might be stitches you have to rip out...i think i will have to take all my photos away if that's the case.I can only say that aspiring to do stitches as even and controlled as your is something to aspire to!

This is so fun Chloe, I am so glad that you have posted these and made such a good discussion about how you did them and what you used. Thank you!

9:45 pm  

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