Saturday, 22 April 2006

Wogga Stitches 2


Here are a couple more stitch combinations from Wogga block 2. The one above started being a Carole Samples one, but the angles turned out all different - it is amazing how much difference there can be in the angles on the basic Feather Stitch by varying the ratio between the width and depth.

And the three French knots are my addition to Carole's combination. The Feather Stitch and Lazy Daisy are perle #8, the Pistil Stitch and French Knots are perle #12.


This combination is mine - I have been using this combination of four, three, two, one wrap French Knots, followed by a straight stitch, for some time on Feather Stitch. Just I am trying to find the perfect combination to show it off. The Green is perle #12, the pink perle #8. The French Knots are not as crisp as they could be - I think I want to try it again using perle #12 there.

But overall, I like both of these.


Blogger Sharon said...

I think these stitch combinations are just lovely L... I look forward to one day seeing this 'in the flesh' so to speak...

8:33 am  
Blogger Marty52 said...

I really like the way the French knots look when you do the one, two, three wraps. It really works!

3:45 pm  

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