Thursday, 20 April 2006

Kimono House

Kimono House1

Yesterday, while Judith and I were in Buttonmania, two women came in looking for "the Kimono place". Our ears pricked up, and we asked. To discover that Kimono House, which had been a home business, had just set up on the same floor. (The website does not yet reflect the address, which is Studio 7, 2nd Floor, 37 Swanston St. It is an adventure finding #37 - next to Subway, and then finding Studio 7 - you might find Buttonmania first. Currently open 11am-6pm Wednesday to Friday, 11am - 3pm 2nd & 4th Saturdays. Phone 03-96390565)

So we just had to go and have a look - and it is very promising. There are kimonos, obis and fabric, and lovely packets of fabrics. Bag kits and other tempting things. Minimum cut on fabrics is 25cm (I had to get some for my apple/cherry blossom project that I will do one day, which is above).

And I also had one of these packs of fabric follow me home. There are nine samples for $10.

Kimono House2

So this all means that finding your way around in the Heritage-value lift, and then going to Buttonmania and the Kimono House is an experience not to be missed. More about Buttonmania (Kathy Boulton wants to open a button museum there), as soon as I can get the pictures organised.


Blogger Marty52 said...

Yummy... I kinda wish I lived closer... then again... maybe not, it would be very damaging to my bank account for me to visit those two shops!!

Love your wogga, by the way!

8:12 am  

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