Friday, 21 April 2006

Good copy of Class Block


I have been working on how to get a good copy of my class block - and I think this is it. I took it to the local Officeworks and had them colour photocopy down to A4 size. I then scanned that. The detail is definitely better, and I think the colour more true.

There is a larger one HERE and ginormous (huge) one HERE. You can definitely see every misplaced stitch in that one.

Long discussions have been held with a local framer, and I have the backing board and will be doing the lacing myself, and then taking it back to be framed.

Progress is happening.

(Bet no-one noticed a few more buttons - one in front of the waste canvas machine, on floral one from Buttonmania bottom right, another small one from there, and a shell flower a bit above them, on the right. They are nice and cheap in Spotlight. And I have signed it, so it is definitely finished.)


Blogger Jo in NZ said...

This is even more stunning with the true colours showing.
Sweetie, it would be easier to send it to me before you frame it.......

3:19 pm  

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