Thursday, 20 April 2006

Edna Force Davis Quilt

Many years ago (ie in the 1980s) I purchased a jigsaw of an old, 1897 Crazy Quilt, which turned out to be by Edna Force Davies of Fairfax County in Virginia. I think it is in the Smithsonian.

This is one quarter of the box.


I have tried a few times to copy the jigsaw, and then later its box, and have finally managed copies that I think do it justice.

The Flickr set showing all pictures (to which more will be added) is HERE. That gives access to verrrry large photos, which should allow the excellent seam treatments to be seen. Although when you first look at the set, you just see thumbnails, you click on them, and above that you should get a "View all sizes" That is where the really stunning stuff is.

I will do some more closeups in time, but just thought I would draw to everyone's attention that those that I have got up there are as good as they get.


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