Thursday, 27 April 2006

The Mirror Quilt

Having now made two squares for my Wogga, I have had enough of dark blues and greys for just a little while, so have decided I am about to start a "Mirror Quilt". In other words, make one drab block, take what I have learned, and make a beautiful block, using the same size blocks and joining technique, and the stitches I like from that block.

So I have taken a child's robe I found in an op shop:


To it I have added other fabrics I collected from all over the place, the last being a fat quarter of apple green silk, that I bought this morning at Spotlight. In a way it was expensive - they didn't have it on the roll, but they actually had a pack of eight fat quarters in silk for $29.95 - the code, if anyone else in Australia wants to ask their Spotlight if they have the same, or can get them, is 1083364 - they apparently had other colours, but this pack wasn't popular.

But, having looked at the in nice, natural daylight, I am not going to use the brown silk, nor the kimono print (sob!), as it is just too yellow. At this stage.

And yes - I am going to cut up the cloth my mother started (and then stopped) embroidering over fifty years ago. It will never get finished, and even if it did, it then wouldn't get used - this is not a supper cloth type of household.


And my Mother agrees!

So these blocks will be similar to the Wogga ones - I am working with stitches only, and only in cotton. I may add some tatting, but haven't decided on that yet.

I'm off to piece the first block.


Blogger Jacqui said...

Oh Linda, what lovely fabrics! It will be a delight to watch you work on this - thank you for sharing :)

8:20 am  

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