Sunday, 9 April 2006

Road-testing lids

The count-down is on, and my class block may be officially finished today. I am beading and French-knotting up a storm. The only thing that will stop me is I may have to take a break to freeze this season's crop of capsicums. But there are always coffee breaks.

And I am also finally road-testing some lids as small beading saucers.


I am now trending towards keeping all my beads in small snap-lock bags. When I have a particular project, I pull out the beads for that, and they travel with me in my project bag.

This idea came from Margaret J, some time ago - to use either cream bottle tops or ice-cream tops, with cauduroy (sp?). It makes the beads easier to pick up, they are small so they travel well, and they are cheap! You can even line beads up for a tassel in the cauduroy and just pick them up.

Margaret even gave me the cauduroy - and I have to admit she is right - although I prefer the cream bottle tops to the ice-cream tops. They fold easier to pour the beads back into the bags. All I did was just cut the rough circles and glue them to the lids.

Off to pick the capsicums.


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