Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Stitch no.39

I've just picked up my copy of Stitch #39 - and it has a lovely article on beaded buttons - similar to the one I did the other day, but composed "off-button" and added to the backing later. And much more ornate and beautiful.

Stitch comes out of the Embroiderer's Guild in the United Kingdom.

While you are there, have a surf through the back issues, and check out all the projects on the side-bar.

Definitely one of my favourite magazines - I am wondering if I should get its sister magazine as well - Embroidery. Is there anyone out there who gets it who would like to let us know what they think of it??? Like, what is the difference between the two????

There are back issues of Embroidery to surf as well - and links within each to more details.

I'm off to spend a cup of coffee surfing.


Blogger Jacqui said...

Stitch is the practicle one with projects and techniques, I think Embroidery is about fibre artists and their work and exhibitions and such, more a theory publication - if you have to choose one I'd go for Stitch every time - just wish they'd go monthly :) Keep thinking I might get the Enbroidery but when I browse in the newsagents I never do buy it. There is another UK mag similar (but not as good IMHO but worth a look if you get chance) that's Workbox, again a practilce project based approach but a bit old fashioned if you know what I mean. How do you spell practicle practical practicel - hmmm need Spelling Lessons not Stitch! VBG

9:29 am  
Blogger sharonb said...

Embroidery is more about contemporary trends-work-artists etc it has a theoretical or academic leaning. Some like it for this reason. I must admit to never missing buying a copy of Stitch but letting my subscription to Embroidery lapse.

11:04 am  

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