Friday, 7 April 2006

A Wonderful Indian blog

Bhavani in India has just left a comment on my blog, so of course I popped over to have a look It is called Needlecraft, and it is stunning.

She has some wonderful ethnic embroidery (an interest of hers), and is interested in links between different types of embroidery in different places. Her Kutchwork from India actually reminds me of the Doorstopwerk of Holland. Fascinating.

I'm going back to read more.


Blogger Bhavani said...

Hi Chole,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy reading your blog and also Sharon's.
I came to know about blogging only a couple of months back.
Blogs do help us reach out.
A toast ... towards more sharing of our unique heritages.
Wishing you good health and cheer.

4:09 am  

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