Sunday, 19 March 2006

New purchase

I have bought myself a luxury.

At the minute I am running all around the countryside, and am often sewing where my stash is not. So I needed something that would take sewing tools (ie scissors, needles etc) plus "“project stash", chosen buttons, beads, matching threads and ribbons etc.

Until now I have worked with a much-loved old small suitcase in very good leather -– but the corners are showing damage from the poor treatment it is getting, plus things are beginning to congregate on the bottom, and not be easy to find. The other day I think I got a glimpse of one of the lost tribes of Israel in there.

So I have finally bought myself a Birch craft bag - which is not cheap -– and I think it will solve my problems.

The bag looks like any shoulder bag:


But opens out inside to give four single-sided "“pages"”, plus two more pockets on the inside of the covers. Plus two more pockets outside.


The inner pages are stuck in with Velcro, and lift out to lay flat so you can easily look from one to another as you work.


My one reservation is that I am not sure the plastic, plus plastic zips, are going to stand up to the hammering I am going to give them.

But we will see. I have already developed a practice of putting the scissors inside the needlebook in case they puncture the plastic.


Blogger Sharon said...

L - your carry all is to die for... Trouble with me is that I would stuff it past its limits... E and I were in a Spotlight store the other day where they had very LARGE craft bags on wheels... E as only she can - cast a sidelong look and said 'Now that is what you need but probably bigger'...

I went to Bustle and Bows - shop in Surrey Hills... I haven't been there for ages... Another place of heaven...

10:38 am  
Blogger Allison said...

Very spiffy.....

1:54 pm  

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