Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Bags of Fun

I've been over looking at Annie's Bag, that she has made previously. Whenever you look at something Annie has done, you get inspiration, and this is no exception. I have been collecting interesting old keys (not that I have a lot) - and this is going to be ideal to display a bunch of them. Just a little bit too big to sew on, but ideal to hang a bunch off a bag.

Thanks Annie!

Sharon has done a wonderful job of organising us - check out her blog (I am not linking to a specific post, as there are already so many about the challenge - but all are welcome - just leave a note on Sharon's blog and you are in).

And the wonderfullest thing (bet the spell checker doesn't like that word), is that Sharon has started a Flickr group for the Bags of Fun - you can browse all pictures at once.

Thanks heaps and heaps, Sharon. I'm off to check out some of the other Bag Ladies via the links you have so kindly given.


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