Monday, 8 August 2005

Mrs Macdonald's Little Book

Yesterday I was looking for something totally different, and found this old needlework book in some of my Mother's old papers:


The full-sized version of this page is HERE.

There is no date on the book, but I think it is from the 1920s. It is chock full of embroidery stitches and techniques. I asked my mother where it came from (it has the name Ada Macdonald on it), and she said Mrs Macdonald gave it to her, as she knew Mum was interested in sewing, and she didn't know who else to give it to.

I only vaguely remember Mrs Macdonald, but I do know her garden, as I have modeled mine on hers - she loved autumn leaves. She was 83 when she died in 1977 - I wish I had known if she was interested in embroidery.

I have decided I will slowly work through scanning each page, but I won't be announcing each - they will be in a separate Flickr account. There are a couple more pages up there now, including the Contents Page. You can drop by and check it every now and then if you wish or, if you have a Flicker account of your own (they are free), you can add it as a favourite and each time you log into your own Flickr account you will be advised when there are new pages.

This format suits me best, so you can view them as a slide show (although you are then reading the book backwards!), but there is a way to read them page by page, and you do not have to sort through my other pictures to find them.

But I did put one example of a stitch up HERE.


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Linda I have not seen honeycomb stitch for years!!! thanks for reminding me of it

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