Saturday, 26 February 2005


I have been tempted.

Bead Soup1

This is the Bead Soup Starter kit that I have picked up. And I thought very carefully, as $9.90 is a lot to pay for a container of beads. But they are all glass, unlike the Judith and Kathryns, which seem to have a fair lot of plastic in them. I do enjoy glass beads. There is also a Bead Soup Mix (ie more of them) around $16 - I resisted. Apparently they have a "Bead Gravy" too, but I haven't seen that yet.

The blue lot look lovely for Underwater/Seaside stuff.

This is the contents, a little more spread out, to give some idea of the volume:

Bead Soup2

These are Hofmann originals from California, and you can see some charts HERE. Although I did get mine locally.

And, speaking of temptations - I have just seen an example of Colourstreams hand-dyed velvet. The squares are not large, and I didn't dare ask the price. But the are dyed to match the threads, and I am glad all I saw was an example, or I would have had to have some. And looking at Robyn's website, I see she also does them in silk. I think I am going to be in very, serious trouble.


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