Friday, 18 February 2005

Fan #2

Knew there was another type of fan I used to do. Here it is:


I first saw this one on a round robin from Rina, and that one used a much finer lace (which did look very lovely). I think the trick for this one is to do the spokes, then the lace, then the rest. But who knows? Thiso ne is from a DYB block that I did for Chris. Just looking (and off picture), there are a heap of other interesting things I did on this block I should revisit. Must look at my old work more often - the is one on here that will fill a little space I need to fill on the Naked Block


Blogger Sharkeysday said...

Perfect! I'm looking for something to do on a round robin...I think I'll try it! Thanks for the idea (I think I like this one best)

11:18 am  

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