Saturday, 26 February 2005

Bras on Display

Eight of our Bras from the Retreat in Can-Bra last October are on display in Sale this weekend, as part of a cancer fund-raiser.

Bra Exhibition

I didn't get to do the display work, and walked in to find them set up like this. I have to say I sympathise with the exhibition organisers - they borrowed the torsos, and couldn't work out what to do - they didn't want to put undies on the torsos (they didn't know what to use, and didn't wnat to detract from the Bras), and then weren't sure where to put the tags.

So this is the final solution - and they sure are attracting attention.

Bra Exhibition

Here is the view for the other side - as you cannot appreciate Linda E's bra in the other photo. And this one shows the Homespun open at the article about the bras. The photos don't really show the eighth bra (The Odd Cupple) all that well either, as it is flat on the table. And from the photos it is a bit hard to appreciate Jodie's, which is black on black.

You will be glad to see M3's pointy one is well out of the way - it is downright dangerous!!!!

Anyone unfamiliar with these Bras can see the whole lot HERE on Sharon b's pages.


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