Saturday, 19 February 2005

Anne's DYB

For the next month (or at least, until the 15th March), I have Anne's DYBs with me, to work on one of them. This is the one I have chosen:

Anne's DYB

DYBS (Doing Your Block) are a special Round Robin where each person in them works only on one block. So what you get back are the individual expressions of how each person would approach a block.

This is the second time that Anne has been in a DYB with these colours. You can see a few from her first DYB on Peggy's Forum. (You need to sign in first, then choose the Doing Your Block forum, or else you will not see the pictures). There is a link to them in the recent post in that Forum that shows the brilliant work by Catherine, who is before me in this DYB.

Anne is asking for very muted colours, as she has a number of photographs printed on fabric that are going to be mixed in with the blocks, and she does not want them overwhelmed. I think I know what I am going to do with this one already. Just I am not sure there is enough room for what I want to do.


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