Sunday, 20 February 2005

THE Dragon

Maureen's Dragon

This is the dragon I am going to work on Chris's Dragon Block. In this case it was one thread of DMC for Maureen, for Chris it is going to be in gold, on black, I hope. Well, I know it is on black, I am just hoping the gold will work. It was copied from a Jillian Sawyer stained glass book, by tracing onto tissue paper, and then I embroidered over the tissue paper. In the one for Chris I will be crossing a few seams, so cross a few fingers for me.

I love Jillian's work, and you can read more about her HERE


Blogger Sharon said...

LOL... I will have to stop reading your blog... The dragon is great!!! I love the 'sky' behind him and the mountain ranges below him... I, too have a couple of Jill Sawyer's books and have often thought how adaptable they are to textile mediums... I browse through them quite often - I think some of them would be perfect for blackwork...LOL... Here I go again!!!! As I said I will have to stop reading your blog!!!!!Again looking forward to tracking your progress...

11:44 am  

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