Saturday, 19 February 2005

Naked block finished

Remember this one??? The Naked Block I was working on as a major part of my designated UFO, the Peacock Wallhanging?

Naked block
It is based around a section from a pillow-slip that Rosie sent to me, that I then dyed with Dylon dye. Then, my challenge was to get it a little less"bright", so it would tone in more.

So, here it is:

Peacock Blocks3

And you can see an even larger copy HERE

Basically, what I did was variously dab it with ink from fabric stamp-pads, and then stamp it with sections of rose and butterfly stamps. And included a "L" block stamp as a signature. Part of a rose is just above that butterfly in the bottom, and that is the scrawny old peacock looking in from the left.

Then I dabbed it all over with purple and gold folk art paints. And embellished. I was put off for a while by the red in the peacock tail feathers - but then I just embroidered over them with dark blue. Then I used a thick gold thread to fly-stitch their feathers. Wish I knew what it is, but it is just "found in my stash". It is a stunning thread, but I have a nasty feeling it is from a 1970s kit I did, in the, ummmmm, 1970s.

So now, all-in-all, I am quite happy with this block. I need to look at the whole UFO and work out what I am doing next, but I think it is mainly to join more blocks and embellish those seams. This UFO is now getting quite achievable.


Blogger Sharon said...

You fill me with such enthusiam with your work... I love looking at the progression... And ideas, my brain is bursting... I am starting to see that there doesn't seem to be any rules attached to crazy patchwork regarding embellishing... I have often looked at embrodiered pillow slips and thought it was a shame to throw the whole thing out when the case itself had long gone... And now I am really cross with myself because I threw a dress away(couple of years now)that had the most wonderful embrodiered shoulder straps... See somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I 'knew' that I was 'heading this way'into the world of crazy patchwork... Look forward to seeing more... Keep up the great work...

9:20 am  
Blogger Chloe said...

Well, thank you for calling by! :)

I have also been reading yours with delight, and you make me want to get out my Prairie Schooler charts again - the mermaid on your blog is lovely.

So, even if you do not get time to start now, you can collect with a new eye.

It is the unusual that is pieced in, or added as an embellishment, that really makes crazy-patch so different. So that is definitely why there are no rules. :)

10:42 am  

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