Thursday, 17 February 2005

Fan #1

Viv has crafted some beautiful fans on my DYB block, and I have been inspired. So this is my first attempt to use her idea of spider-web fans (at least, I think that is what she did)


Firstly, I knew this one would be wonky, because of where I had to fit it. I drew around a glass, then added spokes. Then I used Colourstreams "Exotic Lights" to weave in the bottom of the spokes. I chain-stitched around the top (the line from the glass was still marked with tailor's chalk). Then I did some daisies (with pearl centres) and tied a bow with a pearl drop at the bottom. Wasn't I lucky I had the right number of spokes - one more or one less, and I would have been in trouble!

Had I had more room above I could have put something above the chain stitch (bead loops spring to mind), but there won't be room as I am at the edge of the block.

And yes - this is the Naked Block getting a bit of a run again. It is almost finished.


Blogger Vivienne said...

Yes Linda, that is the stitch I used on your DYB6 block except that I filled in the top half of the fan, not the bottom half. Your idea looks good too - love your use of embroidery in the blank top half.

12:41 pm  

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