Sunday, 20 February 2005

UFOs - what is next????

Okay, so the Naked Block is finished in the Peacock Wallhanging. So what is next??? I really am working on a Dragon for Chris in the Dragon RR. I really am. So I am just thinking about this one, aren't I?

Peacock Blocks.
Coincidentally, this pair is made up of a DYB from Chris, on the left, and a filler piece on the right where I was demonstrating Coral stitch for bare branches, and trying out this Peacock. Everyone keeps missing the tail in it and thinking it is a kangaroo. :(

But since Chris did such a lovely DYB for me (the watch is one we found together, and we decided to have a play with them in CQ) I had best go and do the Dragon.

But if you would like to have a look at the block closeup, it is HERE. Because that butterfly Chris did is really worth a fair examination.

And I need to embellish the seam between the two blocks, and do something to integrate those tatted flowers on the right-hand block. And fill it in a bit more in general.


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