Wednesday, 12 January 2005


Finally back on the other computer, so can upload pics again. These are the two sets of blocks I have joined, plus the fifth and final block, at the bottom.
Peacock DYBs
Peacock DYBs
Peacock DYB

Top: DYBs by Mary from Norfolk Island and Chris, now from Victoria. Mary's I pieced with a print from the internet, and on Chris's I was experimenting with fans.

Middle: DYBs by Deanna, from Victoria, and Patti, from Qld. This was Deanna's first work in a RR, so I am honoured to have it. I still have my first piece of CQ, and find it fascinating to go back and reveiw it every now and then. Again, on Patti's, I was experimenting with piecing fans. I thnk I put the black tatting on before I sent off the block, but I love the way Patti extended the points with the heart beads. And the way that she has the green flowers linking from one space to another.

Bottom: DYB by me

Ssssssh! Don't tell anyone, but these are all now one, joined strip. Yayyyyyy! Major UFO milestone to celebrate. It gives me some idea of the finished size of the wall hanging, too, as this strip is its full height.

I'm still working on the naked block, but with the ideas I have, it will be a while.


Blogger Marta said...

Love your blocks!!!
Awesome work

11:53 pm  
Blogger Mark said...

wow! these are really beautiful! nice work!!

6:02 pm  

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