Saturday, 8 January 2005

UFOs??? What UFOs have I got, anyway.

Well, I suppose I should consider what UFOs I have, and should I attack them in an organised manner. Last year it was supposed to be one a month, which worked for about three months.

And, one problem is some need a lot of work, and some only need a little.

So there is:

The Peacock Wall Hanging (major, needs heaps)

The Dragonfly Wall Hanging (major, but not a lot left to go)

The Jenny Bee Country Garden Sampler - major, still a bit to go. It's that ruddy cricket!!!)

Peacock vest - result of a RR, just a bit to fill in, and then I have to make it up. Trouble is - I invented the pattern, and may have a bit of fun with the making-up stage.

All my UFOs live in a little footstool (apart from the sampler), and that's all there is, really. If you don't count Hearts I owe, and Hearts to be made up, and my Biblical vest, from a RR years ago. And some landscapes. And a couple of Christmas stockings.......

Nothing like the 100 some people are able to list. And really only one WIP (not even a SWIP), which is an almost monochrome block for a community quilt. .......

Sure there's nothing else - maybe some WIPs to be created soon, but only for the DYB and for the Fan RR

I'm sure I can do this in a year.




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