Sunday, 9 January 2005

Ho Humm

Not a lot more to report this morning, as I got so excited by what I finished yesterday that I posted twice. And, probably, it is a case of deciding what I will do next. Probably should take a proper pic of it as it is now, as that one in the first post isn't quite right.

Then it is a case of deciding if I attack a naked block (Rosie sent me a peacock I pieced into a block, but havne't embellished), or take the easy way out and just do some seams between two blocks. Or work on my monochrome block, which has a deadline attached to it, but is now boring.

Hmmmm, seams will give me a quick fix, naked block is a major undertaking, but it has some nice, plain spaces to try some intricate stitch combinations, and I am into them at the minute. ....... And DH wants to go to the Saturday market - I got a lovely Balinese silver peacock there not all that long ago .....

Okay, get organised ...... need a picture first :) Then, if there is any coffee left, it is the naked block. I feel empowered. :)


Blogger sharonb said...

Great to see you have taken the plunge - but I am sure I am going o fall flat on my face and use your name sometime -
looking forward to seeing how your UFOs go this year in comparison to last - and hopefully a bit about tatting -
anyway have fun with the blog -

10:09 am  

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