Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Some progress, some not.

Well, I am still thinking about that naked block. But I am moving along with joining other blocks. I did have a picture to show off, but it isn't working, and I am on the wrong computer. So, you don't get to see them for a day or two.

I think the thing with UFOs as large as this one, you need to have small, achieveable goals along the way to tick off. Very soon I am going to join all five blocks in the strip down the righthand side - that will be a major achievement. There wasn't going to be a long seam in it originally, but I ended up doing extra DYB blocks when someone dropped out at the last minute. So, look as much as I can, I cannot see a way to put the extra blocks in without one long seam. And I don't suppose it matters all that much anyway. I can just find a few more things to put over it to break up the line.


Blogger sharonb said...

Yes - do it - then solve the problem - I want to see it
she says with a grin

6:48 am  

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