Sunday, 9 January 2005

Naked block, here I come

Have been to the market (got two hand-carved mother-of-pearl palm tree ear-rings for 50 cents), and taken some photos. There is a more accurate picture now at the start of the blog as to what the wall hanging looked like as I started blogging.

And I have taken the naked block off the big UFO, and I am off to work on it. So I might be gone for a few days. This is what it looks like now:
Naked block

The central motif is from a pillow case that Rosie sent to me, so it was originally white. I threw it in some Dylon dye to try and colour it (but not lose the peacocks altogether). It is still a bit light, so I might actually try dabbing it with Ozecraft dye.

And there are some excess bits of piecing on the back I am going to need to keep - am going to need filler bits everywhere - this wall hanging has grown like Topsy.

Only other thing I have to remember is that I cannot put too much on top right - there is a motif of a feather to go across there. Sure I got three of them when a shop closed down - very expensive, but where else do you see large motifs of peacock feathers. I have the two "normal" ones, but am sure I got one from a white peacock as well. Just cannot find it in my stash.

This block was deliberately made without much in the way of patterns in the fabric so that I can play with stitch combinations. I am actually enjoying using Presencia #12 crochet cotton, and making the stitches do the talking. But maybe just a leetle bit of Colourstreams silk .......

See you in a couple of days ......


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