Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Gonna be a hot one.

Was woken early by the cockies in the big redgum – they are squawking up an absolute riot. Today is due to be 37 degrees, which is about as hot as it gets for here. Summer has taken its time coming, but it looks like it is here at last.

Which is my perfect excuse for staying inside, and not gardening. And piecing the last four of the six blocks I need for the next DYB (Doing Your Block) Round Robin, that have to be in the mail in three days’ time. These ones are off on a new future UFO – Ooooh, a FUFO, not even a WIP or a SWIP.

I am experimenting with piecing fans in CQ, and each one will have one fan, and the whole thing is jewel colours, with black, and some white lace. Similar to what I did for Christmas ornies – sort of Victorian. Little bit of purple, but moving away from it a bit. But the other thing is, as soon as I have done these, I need to do something for the Fan RR that will be in March or April. I was thinking of piecing four six inch blocks on the one piece of foundation, so it can be cut after the RR to give me four more blocks the same size as the DYB blocks, and the could all go together easily in the one wall hanging.

But that would be ten blocks – which just don’t work. Visualising two rows of five, and I don’t like it. So maybe, just maybe, if I piece the four blocks, and then cut out one, embellish it up and send it off for the Tsunami quilt ……

That means I would be sending around RR block in a funny shape. But what I would get back would fit in easily with the DYB blocks. And it could be fun to see how different DYB blocks (where each person works only on the one block), would be to the normal RR ones, where people can wander all over the place and build one on top of another. With all blocks made from the same palette.

Hmmm – might be a fun FUFO


Blogger Marta said...

Are you plaaning to send a contribution to the Tsunami
I will be linking participants soon. So let me know and I will put a link.

11:53 pm  
Blogger Chloe said...

Hi Marta,

I am hoping to - will know after this weekend

8:34 am  
Blogger Marta said...

Thanks please do... I'll wait for it. I can start sewing other pieces!!!

9:19 pm  

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