Wednesday, 12 January 2005

It's getting hotter - need Fans

Gentle Reader, I have never been a sane patchworker. My mother smokes and was a sane patchworker. I do neither, so I think there is a moral there somewhere.

So, I have been going quite demented piecing fans into my current blocks. Aaaaagh – set angles, pieces the same size. It is sane quilting. :(

I started piecing them onto the foundation, and it was okay, but not as good as I wanted. First I tried going from one side to the other, then from the middle going outwards.

So then I cut the pieces, and joined them before I put them onto the block. Which let me put the lace on as well, before I put them on the block. So I am now happy with the process, although it is fiddly, being six inch blocks.

So, where am I? Three of the six I need to get done before 4pm are done, and I’m running out of steam. And it is getting hotter. But at least that means the tomatoes will ripen. I’ve noticed a few of the CQ people I talk with are also avid gardeners – although one describes herself as having a “black thumb”. I couldn’t exist without my garden, so it is going to creep in here. But not today – too hot.

Wonder if the wonderful Maureen B will take a choice of three blocks instead of six. Cannot do it, though, as I am running that DYB. Back to the machine.


Blogger aykayem said...

I have been known to make that type of quilt often referred to as a "sane" quilt ... but I wouldn't exactly call myself a SANE patchworker ... LOL
I am crazy in more ways than one ... then again ... maybe allowing my self to be a bit crazy when the mood takes me is what keeps me sane? ;-)
btw - I well done - good blog ... (far better than my poor messy thing ;-)

3:59 am  

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