Saturday, 8 January 2005

Getting Serious

Okey dokey - apart from remembering another major UFO (there is a Dragon Vest out there in a RR that is about to come home), I have made a serious start on the Peacocks.

Peacock DYBs
At this stage I am working on joining lots of double blocks, and occasionally finishing a block. In this case, the one on the left was a DYB I had to finish, and the one on the right is by Maureen B in a DYB. And it was a bit smaller. So I am going to just add sections of fabric that tone in, and then work on breaking the main lines. Maureen gave me the unusual, Peacock-type button on the bottom left of her block, plus the lace to go behind it, so I was prepared to allow it to sneak onto her block. But otherwise I won't be making any changes to DYBs.

And, in order to just get the thing finished (I sound almost exasperated with it), I am doing some very basic stitches in Presencia #12 - again just to join, and not make the joins stars in their own right.


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