Wednesday, 23 May 2007

My old Needlework Box

This is an old needlework box I actually own - not one from a museum. It was found on a junk stall in the 1970s.

Unfortunately it is split along the lid, but is still a beautiful piece, made of hand-tooled leather, I think with a wooden frame, and lined with leather.


Inside are all sorts of little organising sections on the lid, and a little box/shelf that lifts out, with a pincushion in the centre. It is the ideal size for cotton reels.


This strikes me as a fairly complex and expensive box - I wonder where it has been?

has left a comment saying she has a number of baskets too - for those who do not know her blog, there is some lovely stuff on there about needlework tools. Hopefully when her renovations finish (hint, hint), we may be lucky enough to see them.

If you have an old sewing basket / needlework box, you might like to drop across and post a picture on the Flickr Group Sewing Baskets.


Blogger crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the link. I am going to photo some of my baskets and boxes to put on my blog. I haven't seen one like your leather sewing box. But it is like anything else with needlework/sewing - there is just so many different ways in which items were made it is mind boggling. I love the leather box. Do you have tools to go with it?

11:21 pm  

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