Friday, 11 May 2007

Getting Organised

We are moving a bit of stuff around, as my Beloved has some new toys in his woodwork shop. And new shelves. I have been getting organised. There was a broom cupboard surplus to his requirements. So I had to claim it.

I have a beautiful old cupboard with adjustable shelves that came out on a sailing boat about 150 years ago. It is really substantial, and they used it to pack the dinner set, etc in. So we duplicated the system of movable shelves, and Voila!, I have a new cupboard.


Doors? Who needs doors. They just get in the way. They have gone off to be used elsewhere.

So this is what my space looks like at this house. My real stash (ie fabrics, lace etc) is at the other house. In a shed. Here I just have the embellishments and WIPs.



Which started me off on the perennial subject of organising work and storage space. There are a few groups on Flickr. I like these three: Sewing Rooms, Craft Rooms (that one is big!), and Pretty Organized.


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