Sunday, 20 May 2007

Old Sewing Baskets

I have just been reorganising my photographs of Sewing Baskets, and created a set HERE.

And then I went searching on Flicker, to see if there were any groups - and I couldn't find a thing. So I have created a group called (wait for it...) Sewing Baskets.

Just in case anyone has their mother's, or grandmother's sewing basket, and would like to share it with everyone else.

I'm off for a few days now - when I get back I may have photographed two more baskets. Well, one is a box, but I reckon that fits in too. Anything a woman would use to store her hand sewing in, before, say, 1970. When plastic started to take over.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

What a great idea Linda. I love to look at old sewing baskets. My grandmother had two wonderful ones. When I fly back east for a visit later in the year I will see if I can hunt them up. I certainly was so fascinated by the one you had on your blog a day or two ago. It looked like it had so many features to make it convenient to use.

7:38 am  

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