Sunday, 13 May 2007

Stitch Combinations 7

The Dragon Vest is still on top of the pile, but I can see some other stuff working its way up.

At the moment I am working by putting a basic stitch along a seam, and then trying to work out how to vary it. That is - Herringbone, Chevron, Cretan and Feather Stitch.

In this case it was Cretan stitch, the green first.

Stitch combination 6

Then I duplicated the Cretan stitch in yellow. (If it looks a bit funny, I have realised this picture is actually upside down. It doesn't usually matter - you can get the general idea).

Then I came along with the light green and worked a detached chain above each set of arms and a Fly Stitch below it, with the "arm" going down between the two arms of the Cretan. Then it was just a simple cross on the other side in the same thread. I'm considering a French Knot between the arms on the other side - have given up on the idea of beads as this seam is almost under the arm on the vest.

I've posted this over in my Stitch Combinations set at Flickr - there are a few in there I might revisit soon.

On the other front - I think I have solved the comments problem by changing the e-mail address - looks like my crummy server was losing those posts in its spam filter.

And I'm off now for a few days - Talk to You when I get back


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