Saturday, 19 May 2007

Three Bears Porridge Dolls

How many people, I wonder, remember the Three Bears Porridge dolls? These were around in the 1950s, and the front of the bags were all like this:


It made you want to eat your porridge very quickly, because the more you ate, the sooner Mum would order another bag. Because this is what was on the back:


And I think these were the first thing I ever sewed up on Mum's sewing machine. Because they were really special. I was probably between eight and ten at the time. And we were living up bush, and the groceries were ordered, once a week, over the phone, and came up on the mail car.

I wonder if my mother ever said "one bag of porridge, and is the back of the Dutch Girl there yet?"

These are from the collection of the Stratford Museum. I have seen flour bags from America that actually have patterns printed on them - Mum was given some by an American friend. I don't think we ever had them here, but I wonder if people elsewhere (waving to those in the USA and Britain), had these dolls?


Blogger Susan said...

I never saw those dolls! How cute they are. Do you still have yours, then? Must have been a Down Under thing. We had feedsacks and flour sacks with pretty fabric designs, but I don't remember any with dolls or cut-outs.

11:55 pm  

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