Monday, 25 September 2006

Steps for the Week

Really quick post as I skim through - no sewing at the minute due to work commitments. Which is a pity, as I really want to get beads on that Fairy, and I have an idea fermenting in the back of my mind. Stay tuned.

Steps for the week 48,451. Would have been more except for two days of rain. Lovely rain - further north there are bushfires. And yesterday's storm was quite wild.

And I have worked out why last week was so low. My pedometer sometimes gets caught on things, and falls open. And I haven't been over careful when I close it - and obviously hit the reset when I closed it. That was on a really long day. I started with about 3,000 clocked up before that day, and only ended the day with 6,000, and couldn't work out why. That was why. I started again from zero some time during the day. Grrrrrrr!

This time I knew I had 4,000 on there when I started the day, and all of a sudden, when I looked, there were only 360. So I thought about it very carefully, and realised what had happened.

No time to look for the calculator. So just under 7,000 steps a day, average. I'm happy with that!


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