Monday, 18 September 2006

Steps for the Week

Steps for the week - 41,316 - not good, and only slightly better than last week.

That makes it almost 6,000 steps a day. Think I will calculate it that way - at the end of each day, my average should be higher than the average for last week. I only beat last week by getting a solid run on the mowing!

And one day, when I walked my feet off at work, it was only 2,000 steps - I am beginning to wonder about my freebie pedometer.

But still, it all keeps me walking more, having a target, and others walking along with me.


Blogger sharonb said...

mmm I am wondering abou your pedometer too - it could be set too high - I would take a walk around the yard count the steps and see what the reading has changed by
- at least your count is higher than last week

12:31 pm  

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