Monday, 11 September 2006

Steps for the Week

Steps for the Week - 38,588, which is AWFUL.

But there are reasons - one of which is lovely - in that it has been raining. So I can't even mow the lawn, which is horribly long.

And, even when I went out to walk the dog - she is getting old, and cannot do the distance any more, so it is short cut home.

So I tried a few steps on my step-up, but couldn't catch up.

But this week will be better - for the next six months I am doing two days a week at Old Gippstown, where I will be walking fast from one end of the big park to the other, all the time. It is usually worth 10,000 steps a day.

And even if that step total is poor - I do feel fitter.


Blogger sharonb said...

Hi Linda - I wouldn't feel so bad as at least you are aware of your activity levels. I spoke to the doc before I started this he said in someone over 50 although 70,000 is the ideal anything over 50,000 is good. I figure the main thing is keep mobile for the next 30 years and frankly I wouldn't beat myself up on it too much - I think anyone who has tackled this challenge will know how hard it is to meet that magic number each day. It is harder than it looks

7:52 am  

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