Thursday, 31 August 2006

Found in a Sewing Basket

The Cataloguing Team at Old Gippstown has been working its way through some of the sewing baskets in Sarah Carter's shop.

I have posted a picture of this basket before:


But today we got into documentation of its contents. And found this:


It is lace wrapped around a photograph roughly chopped to make a holder.

I took a quick photo, just realising it was people. It was only when I got home and looked at the photograph on screen, that I realised it is probably a group of Australian Light Horsemen from World War I.

Here is a closeup. The largest size is HERE.


Wouldn't it be interesting to know the story of photograph.

Why was it of so little value that it was cut into and made into a bit of cardboard for winding lace?


Blogger Erica said...

Is the basket fretwork? My husband learned fretwork from his father, still has some of the old patterns, this reminded me of them.
I still haven't finished with my sewing machine photos, I have the heater in front of two of them and that will mean moving the dog AND the heater to take photos (grin) might have to wait til summer...

9:20 pm  
Blogger Lillian said...

I am glad i am not the only one who wonders such things... who are these people? why was it used to store lace on... It would be so neat to have the inside scoop all nicely bundled up together with no loose ends.

12:29 am  
Blogger May Britt said...

That was very interesting. How fun to find the history behind this picture. Perhaps you should advertise in a newspaper that you are surching for the history behind this photo.

1:24 am  
Blogger Susan said...

Oh, I like May's idea. With all those men, someone else has to have a copy of that picture. I'm theorizing that she was a girlfriend or jilted fiance, so she didn't care any more. Either that, or that guy up front is her husband, and she didn't care about others in the picture, but wanted him "close at hand." Or they were secret lovers and she was keeping him concealed. Or . . . . =)

2:44 am  
Blogger sharonb said...

Gosh the stories that could be made up with this - I like the secret lover idea -

10:30 am  
Blogger Ribbonwiz said...

I love old photos.
I wonder what story would come with this photo...and the people in in.
There may be relatives out there that could identify the people in the photo..

11:00 am  
Blogger Chloe said...

Oh Dear!

Wait Ladies, there is more. Give me a couple of hours, and you can write the scenario to your hearts' content!

2:30 pm  

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