Friday, 25 August 2006

Stitch Combinations 5

I am currently just toodling along finishing the current Wogga block and Mirror block.

This combination is very loosely based on Sharon b's Day 55 - really useful to just go and browse them when looking for ideas.


The trouble started when I added an extra leg to the Blanket Stitch to space it out a bit more. And I am not using beds on this work, and was wanting to experiment with using the lines on the fabric as guides, plus anchor down a bulky seam.

So in the end it was nothing like Sharon's


Here is another one, where I was just doodling with Feather Stitch.

I really need to make some more blocks. These are sort of samplers, so hopefully they will be what I am using in Sharon's new classes. I am definitely booked in.


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