Sunday, 13 August 2006

What I am Wearing

I thought my readers might like to see what the well-dressed Census Collector is wearing (given that up until today, it has been cool and damp)


This is a commercial cardigan that has come into its own. I have had it for years, and I don't wear it much. As I don't often get out into the cold for long periods.

Can you see why it appealed????


And this was made for me over 20 years ago, when my Mother was still quilting, and I wore it almost to death.

It is a Women's Weekly pattern, and she just cobbled together quilting cottons with a machine embroidery stitch and then cut the pattern from that. And forever regretted that large blue patch on the right sleeve - but it isn't so obvious when it is being worn.

And guess what???? Yesterday someone said to me "I am looking at that - I am interested in Crazy Patch, especially the stitches". Yep! *Waving to that someone, who now has the address of this blog, Sharon's Stitch Dictionary, etc.*

I did think of collecting in one of my vests, but decided against it.

I might never get finished.


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