Sunday, 21 May 2006

Old Crazyquilt

Gosh, am I excited!!!!!

The quilt that I got a peep at, at the Gippsland Heritage Park, is a crazyquilt, made wogga-fashion. That is, just roughly appliqued onto a previous bedspread. This is it after I got it out of the trunk and spread it out.


There is a HUGE picture HERE. It is very fragile, and the silk in it is all shredded. And the stitching is very ruimentary herringbone. But probably that is what excites me most, as this was a quilt that was made to be used, not just made to be ornamental.

And I will be back tomorrow with more details and pictures.


Blogger Elizabet said...

hey! I got pointed towards your blog by a friend and I have to say you are an inspiration to me.I've only just started both blogging and CQing.

Just wanted to say hi, and thanks.

4:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it! This story is getting more intriguing every day.

6:03 am  
Blogger Ribbonwiz said...

What wonderful old quilts...
The stories they could tell...It fascinates me how these old quilts were made.

9:32 am  
Blogger Bobby said...

It seems to me that there cannot be a crazy quilt that isn't beautiful, no matter how rough the embroidery nor what the style. Great find and opportunity to study the quilt!

10:20 pm  

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