Sunday, 21 May 2006

More Seams on Mirror Block


Not a lot happening this morning, of a stitching type, so here are some seams on the Mirror block.

On the left is a double Cretan stitch (the two greens), where I slightly offset the top of the second stitch. The pink French Knots are two threads, not one, so they have bulked up a bit, and I like that. The white bits are just a Fly Stitch and a Pistil Stitch.

The seam above the tatting is one I have mixed feelings about. I like pink flowers - the way I work them is to work Detached Chain #1, then #3 (in the middle), and then #2, in the middle of them. Then it is #5, then #4. It is also a good way to go with a variegated thread (where there is only a short distance between the colour changes), as it spreads the colours around.

In this case I have put a Fly Stitch in the same colour between each Detached Chain - they could perhaps be a little further out, and in another block, maybe different colours.

I'm not happy with the green between the pink flowers, but will leave it there at this stage. In another block a bead at the base of them would help, but this is a bead-free zone.

If you would like to have a peep at every missed stitch, the large version is HERE.

Now I am going to finish my coffee, firmly grab the camera, and go out and take some photos of Sarah's Shop.


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